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Alma Valverde

Quality Control - Greeley, Colorado

Alma Valverde arrived in the U.S. in 1984. After working through various jobs for many years, she landed at JBS in 1996 as an hourly production worker in Fabrication. Here, Alma found not only the opportunity to provide for her children, but she also found a place to grow and thrive. She found a second family.

“JBS has given me everything!” Alma says. “I didn’t go to school to learn English … I learned by working with my coworkers here at JBS. And I have been able to provide for my children over the years and have never gone without a penny.”

In early 2018, Alma was diagnosed with breast cancer and had to take some time away from work for treatments to fight the disease and regain her health. Throughout this difficult period, Alma drew strength from the support she received from family, friends and coworkers, who called to check on her, brought her groceries and meals, and donated money so that she didn’t have to worry about finances. Alma, in turn, touched the lives of 17 other cancer patients who continue their battle, by donating that money to them.

Today, Alma is in remission, back at work at the beef plant, and grateful for every new day. “The best part of my day is just getting up and going to work.”