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Edmond Ebah

Human Resources - Greeley, Colorado

Edmond Ebah lived in Benin, West Africa, when he won the Diversity Immigrant Visa Lottery in 2016 to come to the U.S.
Unfortunately, since his wife was pregnant and very close to her due date, Edmond had to make the difficult decision to travel to the U.S. alone, waiting until he was established before bringing his wife and son to join him.

In Benin, Edmond worked as a personal banker. He went to college and earned his master’s degree in Finance. Once in the U.S., Edmond found his way to the JBS beef facility in Greeley, Colorado, as an hourly production worker in fabrication.

Edmond enrolled in English classes to open more doors and enable him to help friends and coworkers find a path to success within the company. Edmond now speaks seven different languages and has helped more than 30 people establish new lives in the U.S. and at JBS. Edmond takes a personal interest in making sure they have the tools to be successful – including giving 11 coworkers a ride to and from work each day because they have no transportation of their own.

Edmond is still waiting for the day when his wife and son can join him in Colorado. “It’s not easy for me to be away from them, but I’m doing this for a better future for my family,” he says. “Moving here has shown me that if you really want something and put your mind to it, you can do anything.”