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Benito ‘Benny’ Casillas-Lopez

Preventive Maintenance Scheduler - Tolleson, Arizona

Looking for a new career opportunity, Benito “Benny” Casillas-Lopez joined the beef industry in 2005, starting as a warehouse clerk at the JBS Regional Beef facility in Tolleson, Ariz. He settled in, working hard to learn and move up through the ranks. By 2008, he was promoted to Preventive Maintenance Scheduler and spent the next several years enjoying his career and the opportunities it provided for his family.

And then in 2015, suddenly, everything changed on a dime.

Benny was on a Tolleson-area freeway when someone hit him from behind. The jolt was sudden and hard, and yet he seemingly suffered no serious injuries. Considering himself lucky to have emerged unscathed, he even drove himself home afterward. But within hours, Benny knew something was very, very wrong. A trip to the emergency room confirmed that he had suffered a concussion – one that had already begun to erode his memory.

As the hours wore on, Benny forgot his own name. He didn’t recall how to read or write. He couldn’t remember his parents. Eventually, he didn’t even recognize his wife and daughter.

But the injury hadn’t taken everything – it hadn’t taken Benny’s determination to fight for the life he had worked so hard to build. He started to rebuild his memory, relearning how to read and write, how to operate a computer, how to do his job at JBS. It’s been a long journey.

And through it all, Benny was extremely thankful to know that regardless of his struggles, his family was secure. He would have a job to come back to – JBS had held his position for him while he worked through his recovery. Human Resources team members helped him to fill out and process the piles of medical documents required to get the care he needed, when he couldn’t always make sense of them.

Benny is back on the job at JBS, determined to have a positive impact on the company … determined to continue enjoying the life and career he worked so hard to build.