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Angie Smith

Physical Health And Safety Tech - Ottumwa, Iowa

Angie Smith is a tech for the Physical Health and Safety Department at our JBS Pork facility in Ottumwa, Iowa. She started at JBS USA 32 years ago, following her family heritage in the meatpacking industry. Her grandfather and her father both worked at the same facility for years. In addition to Angie, her brother has been with the company for 35 years and her son has been with the pork facility for five years.

“I figured out we’ve got 144 years of family history in this plant, on this ground,” Angie said. “I’ve seen this plant grow a lot.”

As a PH&S tech, Angie has been tasked with COVID-19 related safety procedures and measures for the past year, always checking to make sure team members have their masks and face shields on, reminding everyone to follow all safety procedures. “My goal is to keep all team members safe and send them back to their homes safe and healthy for their families at the end of the day.”

Angie has learned a lot through the years from her coworkers – people of all walks of life – and she’s proud to be among the 2,500 people at the plant who work to feed the world.

“I’ve stayed in this plant for 32 years because this place is my family. This is my home away from home.”