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Victor Neri-Cordova

Quality Assurance Supervisor, Council Bluffs, IA

After high school, Victor Neri-Cordova was on a fast-track to a college degree when his citizenship status disrupted his full ride scholarship. A top student in his class, Victor knew education was important to his future, but this obstacle forced those dreams aside in the process.

His education on hold, Victor became an hourly team member in production at Swift Prepared Foods in his hometown of Ottumwa, where he was quickly promoted to a position in quality assurance. In 2021, just a year and a half into this role, Victor was promoted once again, this time poised for a position as a quality assurance supervisor in Council Bluffs.

Now the single father of four kids, Victor works hard to create a balance between work and home and provide stability for his children.

“As a dad, work and life balance is a little bit of a challenge,” Victor said. Dinner and homework alongside his children take up most evenings at home, leaving time on the weekends to play videogames and spend time together as a family.

But being a single parent and a hard-working supervisor aren’t the only two hats Victor wears…

Through the Better Futures program, Victor is finally pursuing a college degree and chasing his dream of working in cybersecurity.

“The reason I was able to pick up right where I left off is because JBS came out with Better Futures,” he said.

When he heard of the Better Futures tuition-free college degree program in 2021, Victor didn’t hesitate to go back to school and finish what he began. Better Futures made it possible for him to revive this goal while still being able to provide for his family.

Victor hopes to graduate with a degree in cybersecurity and find his fit within the company at the IT level.